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Dr. Michel Samson, a Face, Breast, and Body Specialist in Daytona Beach, FL.

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Is there a fee for a plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Samson?

Yes, first time patients pay a $100 consultation fee. The consultation fee is waived for returning patients.

How far in advance do I need to contact your office to set up an appointment?

Dr. Samson sees most new patients on Mondays and some Fridays. We will make every effort to accommodate patients on short notice, due to variations of the surgical schedule.

I do not live in Daytona Beach. Can I still get plastic surgery from Dr. Samson?

Dr. Samson’s patients travel to the Daytona Beach, Florida area for plastic surgery from other states, as well as other countries. Please visit the Fly-in Program section to learn how easy it is to make arrangements to have your plastic surgery performed by Dr. Samson. Specific arrangements can be made by calling our office.

Expert Injector

Does Dr Samson perform Botox, Juvederm, and other cosmetic injectable treatments himself?

Yes. Dr. Samson, a Board Certified Plastic surgeon and Expert Injector, will personally perform your scheduled Botox and / or other injectable treatments in the office, after consultation with you.

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I need several types of plastic surgery. Does Dr. Samson perform several plastic surgeries at one time, or are they scheduled separately?

Dr. Samson may perform several plastic surgeries at one time, depending on the procedure type and the patient’s health. This will be discussed during your consultation.

How much does plastic surgery cost?

It is very common to be concerned about the cost of plastic surgery. Each patient case is unique, and options are varied, so it is not possible to predict the exact cost of plastic surgery without a consultation. You will be given a personalized written fee quote for your surgery, at the time of your consultation.

Is there a payment plan for plastic surgery? Does the payment plan cover everything or just part of the process?

Dr. Samson works with CareCredit, the premier company in the cosmetic surgery financing industry. If you prefer to finance either all or a part of your plastic surgery procedures, your financing questions will be answered at the time of your consultation.