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My Facelift with Dr. Samson/A Patient Trustimonial

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General, Plastic Surgery | March 26, 2019 | 3 minute read

  Selecting a cosmetic surgeon that was “right for me” proved to be a process that required research and consideration. For each of us, there are many qualities and characteristics to look for when selecting any physician; for myself, this was an important undertaking. 
    I first needed to be honest with myself and address my own goals and desires and be able to express them properly. I wanted to make sure that my concerns were listened to, and that the feedback advice I received was clear and appropriate. 
    I can say without a doubt that Dr. Samson of Samson Aesthetics was the perfect office for me! The entire staff at Samson Aesthetics went out of the way to make me feel at ease the moment I walked in through the doorway. I was greeted with beautiful smiles and a very professional but caring atmosphere!  Dr. Samson proved to be very knowledgeable, extremely patient, earnestly kind and very sincere with his explanations for each procedure I questioned. I knew that my concerns were heard; I was set at ease while matching my expectations with his explanations.    Each of us may have goals that are reasonable or not, and Dr. Samson helped me understand what my options were, and what I could expect as a result for each. 
     He treated me holistically, taking care of emotional concerns as well as the ones that were physical. He set realistic expectations for me and provided excellent results.  
    Dr. Samson will make it his priority to see that you also have a complete understanding of the desired procedure. As you listen, he will describe to you in detail exactly what to expect.  As your consultation progresses, you will have the opportunity to express your thoughts without feeling rushed or dismissed; Dr. Samson genuinely cares to fully understand his patients. Whether discussing simple procedures such as Botox and/or fillers or if you might be interested in a more permanent surgical procedure, you can be sure that Dr. Samson has the expertise and the ability to offer an openly honest opinion and he will extend the appropriate advice. 
    If you decide to become his patient, you can literally know that you are in the best of hands, and that you will be thrilled with the results!  Dr. Samson will help you achieve the most natural and desirable “look” for your specific features. He is excellent in his field, he is an extremely knowledgeable and proficient artist and he is a talented professional. 
Dr. Samson and his staff provided wonderful communication skills which is essential to good “Dr. /Patient” relationships.  The results of the procedures he performed exceeded my expectations.    
     If you are looking for any cosmetic procedures…you can know that there is no better choice than Dr. Michel Samson, MD, FACS,

J.R – Facelift Patient

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