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Patient Feature: Dermal Fillers with Dr. Samson

In my never ending quest of eternal youth and beauty, I am always up for options to keep me looking and feeling as good as I can.  At 57, the tell tale signs of an aging face were creeping up on me causing me to look sad and tired.

My consultation and dermal filler experience with Dr. Samson was an absolute pleasure. His easy-going demeanor and warm smile melted my anxiety away and I felt like he was talking to me and not above me. He carefully listened to my concerns and then he explained my options and together we agreed on a plan of treatment.  

Dr. Samson’s plan of treatment was Botox to smooth out my forehead lines, eliminate the heavy furrow between my eyes and to help lift my eyebrows to give me a more happy and rested look. I received dermal filler for the hollows under and around my eyes (tear troughs) and temples that helped to restore volume where I experienced fat loss and some skin laxity due to the normal aging process.

Dermal filler was also injected in my lips to enhance my cupids bow since I told Dr. Samson I would like more defined, fuller lips!  With the help of some numbing cream, Dr. Samson’s gentle touch, and warm reassurance from his nurse, Diane, I had a very good first experience with botox and dermal fillers from Dr. Samson. He worked to enhance what I have and helped to give me a more youthful and very natural look.

I think it’s important to love yourself and take care of yourself and to have realistic expectations. With Dr. Samson, you won’t have to worry about looking unnatural or over done, whether it’s from surgery or a non-surgical treatment. I am so thankful we have all these options today to help us look and feel better And….YES, I want to age gracefully and by aging gracefully I think that means by the grace of a skilled and wonderful plastic surgeon like Dr. Samson.