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Lip Filler Facts

So you want fuller, more defined shapely lips but you are afraid of having “duck lips”? We get it! Many of Dr. Samson’s patients greatly desire lip injections but are afraid of having big, goofy looking, unnatural lips.

After seeing Dr. Samson’s before & after pictures of lip injections, patients quickly understand Dr. Samson’s approach to lip augmentation/lip filler/ is natural and conservative. If you’ve been considering Lip Filler/Lip Injection, have a look though Dr. Samson’s Before and & Gallery, and you’ll see for yourself why Dr. Samson’s patients are thrilled with their lip enhancement. Here is one of Dr. Samson’s Lip Filler patients from March 2019. No Duck Lips In Sight! Call our office at (386) 756-9400 to schedule your appointment.

Cost of Lip Filler/Lip Injection $550+

Appointment Time: 30-60 Minutes for Consult, Pretreatment and Injection

Injections Lasts 9+ months

Dr. Samson’s Before and After Injectable Gallery